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“Faiella is contemporary cabaret at its best.” Los Angeles Times

"Here the title of Betsyann Faiella's entry is a question that is quite easy to answer. Can she be Frank? No. But can she sing songs that Sinatra sang? Absolutely, and she sings them very well."
 All Music Guide
“Relaxed, confident, an actress in superb control. Go see her.” L.A. Jazz Scene

"Betsyann Faiella is a great singer." Hank Jones
"A terrific singer, whose hip phrasing and thrilling time patterns put her
in a class by herself." Rex Reed
“Betsyann Faiella is an all too rare species of songbird:  a sophisticated and elegant chanteuse whose easy style harks back to the days of the Persian Room and the great New York spots of the ‘50’s.” 
Cabaret Scenes
"Her version of No One Ever Tells You defined romanticism.” Daily Variety
The discovery of talented new artists like Betsyann Faiella is a most stimulating part of
reviewing music.”  L.A. Jazz Scene
“Betsyann Faiella, an engaging balladeer whose perfectly formed voice recalls Keely Smith and Stacey Kent…” Evening Standard  4 out of 5 Stars
“The diminuitive Faiella packs a vocal and emotional punch.” LA Weekly, Pick Of The Week
"This performer's savvy, purring stage presence is artful and well conceived...A treat for Sinatra fans of every feather.” Music Connection Magazine
"Into a spotlight steps jazz seductress Betsyann Faiella, whose swinging, self-assured style conjures up memories of a nightclub in times gone by. This vibrant, crystal-voiced alto charms and disarms, all the while offering a touching vulnerability." Daily Variety
"Faiella's connection to the music is thrillingly clear...Her stage presence is truly alluring and enigmatic." Back Stage West
“Betsyann Faiella’s delightful wit is like a secret smile behind every
line she sings.” Andrea Marcovicci

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