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I heard the voice of Frank Sinatra for the first time as an adolescent.

Perhaps as a consequence of being imprinted with the rapture of his sound at such a dreamy time of life, I've harbored a fantasy for many years. It involves a blue eyed lover, sumptuous surroundings and a black mink spread out on Pratesi sheets. It ends with Mr. Dark and Handsome pulling six carats worth of diamond earrings out of his pocket, tossing them on the bed and saying, "Here you go baby, these are for you."

Volumes have been written about Mr. Sinatra. A complicated and enigmatic figure, his cocky, devil-may-care swing inspired a generation of post-war playboys. His aching baritone broke hearts as it set a standard for the romantic ballad that has yet to be equaled.

His dynamic lifestyle and charismatic persona have made his artistic contribution that much more compelling. Swinger, poet, leading man, thug...loved and hated, immortalized on vinyl and in our modern memory.


This is my love letter to the Chairman of the Board. Here you go, baby. These are for you.



Can I Be Frank? is available on iTunes

Learnin' the Blues

No One Ever Tells You

Only The Lonely

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